Saturday, July 14, 2007


Friday morning, by way of a fantastic farewell party at the home of Elina Rees, the Cupit and Rees families said good-bye to a great friend. Laurel, Brant, and Michael spent 2 mornings a week with Danielle Felger for about a year at Jazzercise. Danielle is a superb babysitter and good friend. She leaves us only move on to greater things. Specifically, Danielle will be graduating with her master's degree and teaching first graders in New Orleans. She will most definitely be missed.

In late breaking news, the Chronicle is pleased to announce Danielle's engagement. We send our huge CONGRATULATIONS!


jessica and bart said...

i'm so sad to hear that danielle is leaving! of course, every good thing must come to an end. hopefully shane gets someone just as great to take her place!

Kathy said...

hey I bought that exact same shirt for Spencer. The blue & white hawaii looking one. Although he not yet grown into it yet.