Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The Chronicle is pleased to announce friends and affiliates across the nation. Some states represented in the "Affiliates" list include Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Minnesota, Connecticut, Nebraska, Texas, Georgia, Utah, Florida, and Ohio. The blogging world has closed geographical gaps to make staying in touch with friends a cinch.

In other news, some recent happenings at the Cupit house have not been documented and will herewith be consolidated into a hodgepodge blog.

Brant and Laurel spend quality time with their father.

Laurel and Mommy spend quality time together too. Laurel loves play dough.

Brant and Laurel both enjoyed another trip to Chuck E Cheese. In a few short years, Brant may even challenge his Papa G for the Whack-A-Mole grand champion title.

Mother looks forward to the day when Laurel and Brant can challenge each other at the two person games.

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jessica and bart said...

Cute pics. Was that Chuck E. Cheese? we are going there today with bart's dad.