Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It seems the once irresistibly cute and chubby baby, Brant Cupit, is now the irresistibly cute and chubby toddler. Some may even say he's moved into the little boy category. The Cupit house notes many changes is Brant this week. His vocabulary continues to improve, with just a few two-word combinations ("apple juice" is Brant's favorite).

Wednesday morning Brant achieved another milestone...he moved into size 3T clothing. Perhaps this milestone should have been official a few weeks ago, but Mother wanted to keep her 24-monther as long as possible. But Maren admits, "When the clothes only fit if the belly hangs over the waistline and pokes through the bottom of the shirt, it's time to move up." Apparently some brands carry size 2T and some stores choose to move right into 3T. Brant may fit nicely in 2T as well. His girth seems to be the largest part of his body and his shorts' hemline often falls well beneath his knees.

Brant has also achieved a milestone his sister never met. He now wears size 6 diapers. For those unfamiliar with diaper point-of-sale packaging, this means Mother now pays the same price for fewer diapers. Perhaps this is brilliant strategy on the part of the diaper manufacturers. They assume most parents budget a monthly diaper expense. As children grow older, in theory, they need fewer diapers. Logically, needing fewer diapers translates into smaller cost. But the diaper companies found a way to keep their revenues the same by putting fewer diapers in the package and charging the same price!

Brant has also recently found delight in baking. Like many great chefs, cooks and bakers, Brant is choosing to learn his craft early. His first sign of advancement came as he repeated several times the word "cook" after putting the hot pad on his hand and standing at the window of the oven. He spends a good deal of the day in front of the practice kitchen in his living room. Dora the Explorer gives him bilingual instructions to prepare some favorites.

It appears Brant is beginning to like the water more. Usually, when Brant goes to parties or gatherings with water activities involved, he needs no bathing suit because he stays away from the pool and sprinklers. As evidenced here, Brant has changed his mind. This lovely and hot Tuesday morning, the Woods family invited the Cupits over for a little swim time and some outside fun. Maren assumed Brant would stick to the jungle gym and other outside toys and avoid the pool. While Maren's back was turned, Laurel's friend Ainsly let out a warning cry. Sure enough, Brant had entered the pool, shoes and all. It seems the Cupits will have to be more careful going forward.


jessica and bart said...

Brant is so cute! It was great to see you guys in person, not just in the 'newspaper'. (Which is a really fun format with your blog!)

Stacy Hutchinson said...

We had fun playing today! Has Laurel been trying to stand on her head?