Friday, July 27, 2007


Friday morning, Miss Laurel Cupit accompanied both Mother and Father to the audiologist's office once again. This time G.G. came too. G.G. stayed with Brant in the waiting area, while Laurel completed her appointment. Laurel had prepared for this occasion with her parents by reading a book about a boy who gets hearing aids. She also listened when Mother explained that Miss Dawn would put something cold in her ear for a few minutes. She did not, however, have any clue that the cold substance put in her ear would be green playdough! Laurel even got to play with a piece herself. This extra special playdough turns hard after a few minutes. The playdough pops out with the string that was placed in Laurel's ear before the green gunk.

Father and Mother learned a lot about hearing aids. They also decided that Laurel will get the most discrete looking flesh colored aids for now. Mother and Father will give Laurel the option to choose fancy colors in a few years.

Laurel has a been highly cooperative about this whole process. Her parents are very proud of her.

In an update to an earlier story, Laurel's bedtime problems are pretty much over. She doesn't come out of her room once the door is closed. The Cupit house hears no crying or objection from Laurel's room, but sure enough, baby brother has started a few bedtime antics. Maren and Brad are learning as they go, and they believe breaking Brant's bad habits will be much easier.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It seems the once irresistibly cute and chubby baby, Brant Cupit, is now the irresistibly cute and chubby toddler. Some may even say he's moved into the little boy category. The Cupit house notes many changes is Brant this week. His vocabulary continues to improve, with just a few two-word combinations ("apple juice" is Brant's favorite).

Wednesday morning Brant achieved another milestone...he moved into size 3T clothing. Perhaps this milestone should have been official a few weeks ago, but Mother wanted to keep her 24-monther as long as possible. But Maren admits, "When the clothes only fit if the belly hangs over the waistline and pokes through the bottom of the shirt, it's time to move up." Apparently some brands carry size 2T and some stores choose to move right into 3T. Brant may fit nicely in 2T as well. His girth seems to be the largest part of his body and his shorts' hemline often falls well beneath his knees.

Brant has also achieved a milestone his sister never met. He now wears size 6 diapers. For those unfamiliar with diaper point-of-sale packaging, this means Mother now pays the same price for fewer diapers. Perhaps this is brilliant strategy on the part of the diaper manufacturers. They assume most parents budget a monthly diaper expense. As children grow older, in theory, they need fewer diapers. Logically, needing fewer diapers translates into smaller cost. But the diaper companies found a way to keep their revenues the same by putting fewer diapers in the package and charging the same price!

Brant has also recently found delight in baking. Like many great chefs, cooks and bakers, Brant is choosing to learn his craft early. His first sign of advancement came as he repeated several times the word "cook" after putting the hot pad on his hand and standing at the window of the oven. He spends a good deal of the day in front of the practice kitchen in his living room. Dora the Explorer gives him bilingual instructions to prepare some favorites.

It appears Brant is beginning to like the water more. Usually, when Brant goes to parties or gatherings with water activities involved, he needs no bathing suit because he stays away from the pool and sprinklers. As evidenced here, Brant has changed his mind. This lovely and hot Tuesday morning, the Woods family invited the Cupits over for a little swim time and some outside fun. Maren assumed Brant would stick to the jungle gym and other outside toys and avoid the pool. While Maren's back was turned, Laurel's friend Ainsly let out a warning cry. Sure enough, Brant had entered the pool, shoes and all. It seems the Cupits will have to be more careful going forward.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Wednesday morning Laurel Cupit showed off her excellent poise and maturity in the sound booth at the audiologist. She and Mother arrived just before 9a.m. for her annual hearing test. Laurel was excited to "get my hearing checked." The audiologist came into the waiting room to get us and asked Laurel if she was ready to play some games. Laurel said, "No, I am getting my hearing checked!" The audiologist then explained that she would be playing some hearing games. Laurel went into the booth and let the audiologist put the special foam headphones in her ears. Not one time did this little three-year-old try to remove them. Laurel listened carefully to the instructions and did exactly as she was told. First, she pointed to pictures on a poster, and later put blocks into a bucket when she heard the sound. Sometimes she said, "I hear it!"

At the conclusion of the test, the team of audiologists explained that Laurel's results were 10DB lower than last year. Undoubtedly, Laurel's hearing loss is not improving. Laurel's results sit on the borderline for needing hearing aids. The audiologist explained that at this level the decision is in the hands of the parents.

Maren and Brad Cupit both have to translate quite often for Laurel, especially to strangers. Sometimes, even Laurel's parents can't understand her. These moments quickly evolve into frustration and tears, further complicating the language comprehension. These reasons, coupled with the fast approaching pre-school start date, have convinced Maren and Brad that the time has come for Laurel to get some permanent assistance.

When asked, Laurel seems indifferent to the idea. With her parents, she read a library book last night about a little boy that gets hearing aids. Perhaps, the idea won't fully sink in until she is fitted for her new accessory! The Chronicle will stay on top of this story as it develops.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The Chronicle is pleased to announce friends and affiliates across the nation. Some states represented in the "Affiliates" list include Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Minnesota, Connecticut, Nebraska, Texas, Georgia, Utah, Florida, and Ohio. The blogging world has closed geographical gaps to make staying in touch with friends a cinch.

In other news, some recent happenings at the Cupit house have not been documented and will herewith be consolidated into a hodgepodge blog.

Brant and Laurel spend quality time with their father.

Laurel and Mommy spend quality time together too. Laurel loves play dough.

Brant and Laurel both enjoyed another trip to Chuck E Cheese. In a few short years, Brant may even challenge his Papa G for the Whack-A-Mole grand champion title.

Mother looks forward to the day when Laurel and Brant can challenge each other at the two person games.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Monday night's battle began a little later than anticipated. Mother and Father gave the "last kiss and tuck-in" followed by lights out at 8:30 p.m. Just a minute later, Laurel opened fire. "I need to go potty, Mommy." Now Laurel had been informed that Mommy was not coming in again tonight. So Daddy came in to take her to the restroom. Or course, crying ensued. The tantrum continued through the trip to the potty and back into the bedroom. She was placed in bed and only tried to come out one more time. Brad scooped her up, didn't say a word and put her back in bed. The crying finally stopped at the 33 minute mark. While to some this may seem like a long time, the Cupits say they had prepared for longer. "The real test will be how things go tonight," said Maren in an interview on Tuesday. The Cupits appreciate all the well-wishes and prayers said on their behalf. Additional strength and perseverance are necessary in trials like this one!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Surely this ride was named after Brant!


In heated battle Sunday night, Laurel Cupit masterfully executed bedtime stall tactics used by children throughout the ages. Laurel's arsenal includes, "I need to go potty." She also says, "No tigers." Laurel feigns fear and insists that Mother and Father look behind the bed for any scary beings. Sunday night (trash night), Laurel can also use her "No thunder, Mommy" trick. She hears the trash cans from the neighbor's house coming down the driveway to the curb. Laurel has been told time and again that this is only a trashcan. She has even been shown how to look out of the blinds and watch the trashcan going down to the street. About this time Laurel develops an unquenchable thirst, followed shortly by another trip to the potty. This time the potty trip usually proves fruitful. Next Laurel finds something that doesn't belong in her room or that she just wants to give to Mommy. She either stands at her door or comes searching through the house, "Here, Mommy..." Sometimes, after the second or third tuck-in, Laurel tries this one: "I awake, Mommy" - as if she has taken her nap and is ready to go play now. Eventually, Mommy and/or Daddy get frustrated, call the "last tuck-in and last kiss." At this point, Daddy takes over solo. Laurel executes another play, Daddy enters the room. Laurel instantaneously cries. Not just a whimper, but the nostrils flaring, alligator tears, can't control her breathing cry. "I want kiss!" One kiss was a retaliation tactic designed by Daddy to win prior bedtime battles. Daddy would tell Laurel, "Stop crying right now and Mommy will come give you one kiss and THAT'S IT." At which point, Mommy enters the room, gives one kiss (no talking) and exits the room. That was working for quite a while, but little Laurel is a wily one. She has figured out that if you can't go straight to goal "D" then start with A (an easy request), push to B, on to C, and before you know it you've reached D!!!

So tonight, Mommy and Daddy begin the Supernanny theory of no eye contact and no talking. We will enter the room, put Laurel back in bed and leave. Mother and Father are prepared for tears, even an all out resistance, but they pledge to hold steady to the course. The battle is set to begin no later than 8 o'clock tonight. Stay tuned in future posts to read about the outcome.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Friday morning, by way of a fantastic farewell party at the home of Elina Rees, the Cupit and Rees families said good-bye to a great friend. Laurel, Brant, and Michael spent 2 mornings a week with Danielle Felger for about a year at Jazzercise. Danielle is a superb babysitter and good friend. She leaves us only move on to greater things. Specifically, Danielle will be graduating with her master's degree and teaching first graders in New Orleans. She will most definitely be missed.

In late breaking news, the Chronicle is pleased to announce Danielle's engagement. We send our huge CONGRATULATIONS!

Monday, July 9, 2007


Monday morning began as a bust for the Cupits, but all was not lost. A great trip to the mall proved picture perfect and blog worthy. Laurel perhaps got her name mixed up with "Miss Sassafrass." She and Mother had a few "tender moments." Laurel is still learning who's in charge and what is appropriate behavior for a three year old. Mother is learning even more. Maren wants other mothers to know that all is not perfect in her world, and by her own request, true-to-life photographs are included here. In the future, the Chronicle hopes to document the behavioral improvement and maturity of the Cupit kids.

Brant gets a little cranky too sometimes. He wants to get down and run. It's an acquired skill to watch two kids (ages 3 and 1 1/2) running in the mall while holding the digital camera, and keeping the stroller in the corner of the eye. While doing this, most importantly, you must maintain your composure! Perhaps, corporate America should take a stronger look at the undocumented skill sets of stay-at-home moms! Brant did get a few minutes out of the stroller. He enjoyed a hug with the giant cookie and a fantastic ride on the carousel.

Maren reports that toting around two small children is a balancing act and discipline is often a guessing game. Choosing between ignoring and disciplining at different times is a tough call. Helping Laurel find safe and fun outlets for her endless energy isn't always easy, but some days are smooth as pudding! The Cupits hope this week is chocolate pudding everyday!

Laurel loves having her face painted. She sits perfectly still and does exactly what the clown tells her. She especially loves the lipstick and glitter puffs (seen below).

Laurel waits patiently for her balloon alligator. Getting to the mall before the crowds ensures shorter lines and happier children!

The Cupits finished the morning with a visit to the playland. Brant hit a milestone this Monday, July 9th, 2007. He can officially climb up the slide and slide down on his bottom ALL BY HIMSELF. He mastered the headfirst tummy slide some time ago, but bottom sliding requires a little more coordination. To slide properly, one must climb up the stairs and then bring one's legs around in front of the body. Next, let go of the slide and weeee!

Laurel loves the playland. She usually plays nicely with the other children and only has momentary memory lapses. She just needs a little nudge to remember that she is nice and not nasty. Then she's right back on track!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Contrary to many news publications on today's newsstands, the Chronicle claims no political agenda. We have no desire to twist the truth or manipulate the masses. Yet, we do maintain the right to whine about absurd prices for toddler shoes!

Brant Cupit is a young boy with whom you may be familiar from earlier features. Brant's feet are the subject of today's post. As we at the Chronicle have learned, many, if not most, young toddler boys have wide feet. Brant's feet go beyond normal and measure extra wide. This comes as little surprise if you have had the great honor and pleasure of personally meeting the gentle giant.

Back on point, Maren Cupit looked at numerous discount stores and department store sales to find shoes suited (or rather fitted) for her son. Alas, she resorted once again to the local specialty shop. The shop excels in customer service and size selection, but for a price. The quality is fantastic and the store even provides toys for children's use while parents are shopping.

Maren longs for the day when she can find comfortable shoes for her son at box store prices. She says $50 is steep even for shoes for her own feet. She says the situation does have a positive side, "At least I don't have to order them online and pray that the size fits!"

Brant's sister Laurel accompanied Maren and Brant to the shop and insisted that her feet be measured as well. Mother figured, "We are paying for the customer service...let's take advantage of it." Who had the last laugh? The Cupits walked out of the shop with two pair of shoes. To Mother's defense, the second pair were on sale for $15 and Laurel needed them for church for the summer.

Maren told us she was a little concerned when they arrived home and Laurel tried on the shoes again. "After a few minutes, she took them off. I asked her if they hurt her feet. She said, 'no Mommy, I no spill ketchup on them!' " Phew!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Brant Cupit turned an ordinary paint can into a rhythmic toy at the Cupit house. He has the toddler gift for taking ordinary household objects and making fun with them. Sometimes Mother frowns. But on this particular day, Brant and Mother alike enjoyed the discovery.
Laurel Cupit has an artistic side as well. Many wonder if lefties are more artistic than the rest of the population. Laurel's work provides evidence in the affirmative. She likes to use all the colors in her pallet and covers her entire canvas with an array of designs. She loves art!
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