Friday, June 22, 2007


My kids have it! At least, I think so. Yesterday, they proved it. We went to the museum in the morning. When we arrived, Brant headed straight for the noise makers. Later on, I caught him using some round cushions as drums. He was concentrating intently on his masterpiece.

Laurel had her first dance class last night. It had a rocky start as I left her dance shoes at home, but Dad was there for the rescue. He went home to get them and Laurel didn't really miss a thing. Laurel did great. It was difficult to take many pictures because the small viewing window was packed with parents and grandparents. We took lots of video though. Thank goodness Brad and I are tall and can stand behind the crowd. From what I could tell, Laurel liked the tap dancing best. She was really trying to listen to her teacher. I don't know who is more excited about dance class next week, Laurel, me, or Brad!

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Love the new design!! Looks Mauv-eh-lous :)