Monday, June 18, 2007

Sorry to Disappoint

We did go to the mall this morning, but we didn't take any great pictures. Laurel didn't get her face painted, as the line was just too long. She did get to dance with some stuffed animal monkeys and see some clowns. She also rode the carousel, and then we all had lunch. We made a quick exit because Laurel had a tummy ache. She communicated very clearly that she wanted to go home. I just prayed the whole drive home that she would not be sick until we got home. Sure enough, she fell asleep. I was able to put her in her bed at home, and at the moment the house is peaceful.

She starts dance class on Thursday night, and we are all super anxious. I don't know what the setup is like, but if we can, be assured that we'll photograph the event!

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Troy, Lexi and Peyton: said...

How is Laurel doing now? I hope she's feeling better. Have fun at dance class!