Thursday, June 14, 2007

Growing out of naps?

I am not sure exactly what age children start giving up their naps. I thought perhaps Laurel was approaching it. She's been having a difficult time going to sleep at night and has been resisting naps for the past week. Today, she fell asleep in the car at about 10:20 am and was awake by 11:00, give or take a few. Anyway, I didn't make her take another nap because she kept telling me, "I awake, Mommy!" Well, at 4:45, she was totally out. It was nearly impossible to awaken her. I suppose she's not quite ready to forgo the whole nap thing.

Interestingly, Brant's naps are getting longer. This will be great when Laurel starts school in the fall. If Brant naps in the afternoon, then Laurel and I can have some quiet time together, just the two of us.

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