Saturday, June 30, 2007


On special assignment, the Chronicle's food editor discovered a popular new trend in the party industry: cupcake-decorating parties! Families like the Cupits say that cupcakes and cookies are easy to prepare and fun to decorate. Children can explore their creativity with some simple tools and an apron, of course! Seen here, Laurel Cupit prepares her masterpiece.

Younger brother Brant takes part in a critical part of the project - consumption of the edible art! While it appears frivolous, taste-testing is necessary to be sure the cupcake is perfection from start to finish.

Laurel has worked tirelessly at perfecting her masterpieces. She has waited, planned, worked and reworked. She stops for just moment for a photograph. Obviously, she takes her art form very seriously.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


For a fun family evening, and to support a community fundraiser, the Cupit family ventured out Tuesday night to a local hotspot. Literally, the place had a broken a/c! On the bright side, the always fiscally-minded Cupits graciously accepted a reasonable discount. They endured the temperature cheerily!

If the mission was to tire out some children, experts agree the mission was accomplished. Both boy and girl alike bounced big and traveled fast. Frequent respites provided necessary rejuvenation. As a family, the Cupits had a wonderful time! Tomorrow brings the excitement of the week...Dance Class -Take 2!


Authorities commented Tuesday night that an emaciated boy navigated his way to a local vending machine by mere instinct. The toddler, noticeably malnourished, longed for the simple satisfaction of sugar.

Due to the obvious neglect, the boy's paternal grandparents were awarded custody beginning Thursday night and extending through the weekend. The parents will regain custody after mandated 4 day counseling technique involving paint brushes.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Well, it was another fantastic Monday morning at the mall, but I left the camera at home. The picture here is obviously after-the-fact! Laurel's beautiful flower face is beginning to rub off and I will just have to describe the lip gloss on her mouth. She was so thrilled with the lip gloss that she was afraid to move her mouth afterwards or talk to anyone for fear she would mess it up. That's the price of beauty.

Brant made progress this week. He rode the carousel twice! One time on a moving horse and once on a static one. He enjoyed it too!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


You may have noticed that the page looks a little different. When the Chronicle was first formed the intent was for it to be a newspaper-esque blog (hence the 'Chronicle' in Cupit Family Chronicle), but our old look-and-feel just didn't convey that. Sure, I know what you're saying, the old look had each of our school's primary colors in it, but let's face it, it just didn't have the pizazz that would bring The Cupit Family Chronicle into the 21st century.

Co-Editor In Chief, Brad Cupit, enlisted the support of himself to make this happen. Slaving tirelessly for a few hours, he created the banner and mock headlines that you now see at the top.

All in all, we're pretty happy with how it turned out, and hopefully you'll like it too. This will be the face of the Chronicle for the century to come, or until we get tired of it, whichever comes first.


Friday, June 22, 2007


My kids have it! At least, I think so. Yesterday, they proved it. We went to the museum in the morning. When we arrived, Brant headed straight for the noise makers. Later on, I caught him using some round cushions as drums. He was concentrating intently on his masterpiece.

Laurel had her first dance class last night. It had a rocky start as I left her dance shoes at home, but Dad was there for the rescue. He went home to get them and Laurel didn't really miss a thing. Laurel did great. It was difficult to take many pictures because the small viewing window was packed with parents and grandparents. We took lots of video though. Thank goodness Brad and I are tall and can stand behind the crowd. From what I could tell, Laurel liked the tap dancing best. She was really trying to listen to her teacher. I don't know who is more excited about dance class next week, Laurel, me, or Brad!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pictures after all

Our great friend Elina sent some cute pictures from the mall on Monday.We even have one with Brant and his buddy Michael.

Laurel did dance with some monkeys, see?

Thanks Elina!

Brant's Words

Brant is 16 months old and has quite a vocabulary. His gets his point across for most situations, and many words he says clearly.

His vocabulary includes:
Juice (Zis)
I want that (accompanied by a point)
Poppa (has 2 meanings...Papa and Pizza)
Baby (Baba)
Hot (Brant says this then makes a sort of f sound to blow off the hot)
ELMO (This should probably be first on the list, because Brant is obsessed with Elmo and likes to repeat his name over and over again.)
Go (Usually means outside)
Choo Choo
(kaka...same word for cookie)
(for smiling for the camera...sounds more like chee)
Mickey (I'm not sure how we figured this out, but "Acka" means Mickey)
POW! (He says this for the gimme 5 game.)
Book (Booka)
Jesus (Jees)

I guess those 24 words sum up Brant's life. He doesn't say food yet, but he does walk me to the kitchen and point to the fridge!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sorry to Disappoint

We did go to the mall this morning, but we didn't take any great pictures. Laurel didn't get her face painted, as the line was just too long. She did get to dance with some stuffed animal monkeys and see some clowns. She also rode the carousel, and then we all had lunch. We made a quick exit because Laurel had a tummy ache. She communicated very clearly that she wanted to go home. I just prayed the whole drive home that she would not be sick until we got home. Sure enough, she fell asleep. I was able to put her in her bed at home, and at the moment the house is peaceful.

She starts dance class on Thursday night, and we are all super anxious. I don't know what the setup is like, but if we can, be assured that we'll photograph the event!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Growing out of naps?

I am not sure exactly what age children start giving up their naps. I thought perhaps Laurel was approaching it. She's been having a difficult time going to sleep at night and has been resisting naps for the past week. Today, she fell asleep in the car at about 10:20 am and was awake by 11:00, give or take a few. Anyway, I didn't make her take another nap because she kept telling me, "I awake, Mommy!" Well, at 4:45, she was totally out. It was nearly impossible to awaken her. I suppose she's not quite ready to forgo the whole nap thing.

Interestingly, Brant's naps are getting longer. This will be great when Laurel starts school in the fall. If Brant naps in the afternoon, then Laurel and I can have some quiet time together, just the two of us.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We did it!!

Maren and I just finished paying off the last of my student loans!! We both clicked the mouse button at the same time to send the payment online to the loan company.

At work I'm signed up for this free credit monitoring service that tells me whenever something changes on our accounts (for example: a credit check was performed, a new account was opened, etc.) so I'll get an e-mail saying that the loan has been closed, and then a few days later we'll get the notice in the mail!

I've insisted that we go out to dinner to celebrate, so tomorrow night the whole family will dine at chez fromage du mandrin e.

We're quite confident the kids will be well behaved :-)

Laurel's Annual Checkup and Storytime

We went to see Dr. Melton yesterday for Laurel's 3 year old checkup. Thankfully, a good friend took care of Brant so that we didn't need to bring him with us. Laurel was very happy to go and even practiced saying "ahhh" on the way there.

Laurel weighs just over 36 pounds and she is 38 3/4 inches tall. She's proportionately just right. Both her height and weight are around the 75th percentile. The appointment was pretty uneventful. We talked about speech and hearing and will be sending paperwork to Dr. Melton as we get it. He does want us to work with Laurel on speech because he thinks her IQ is higher than where her language development is testing. I have been working with Laurel a lot lately by reading books and talking to her about anything and everything. I think it's helping. I think her confidence is building as well.

On another note, we went to storytime today at the library. We also left storytime today. I think maybe we made it a few minutes longer than last week, but barely. Both Laurel and Brant HATE sitting still. Laurel loves the songs and games part of it, but when it's time to sit down and listen to the stories, she won't do it. I end up battling a squirmy Brant and trying to stay calm while telling Laurel to come sit down. I did make a little progress this week. I only threatened twice before we left. We may have to just stop going until she gets older. Maybe we'll go the indoor park instead so she doesn't have to sit still. I am going to try at least one more week before I give up. It's pretty comical when I look at the whole situation. Almost all of the other children sit calmly in their parents' laps, many sucking their thumbs or clinging firmly to their mothers' clothes. My children can't seem to get away from me fast enough. Speaking positively, no one does "If You're Happy and You Know It" better than Laurel and Brant. They also LOVE "Roly Poly". They just want to dance and move through the whole thing!

Are you wondering why there have been no pictures from storytime? Would you like to see one?
Notice how the children in the background are standing right next to their mothers. My children are thinking, "Mom's taking pictures... FREEDOM!!"

Monday, June 11, 2007

Back at the Mall

We went to the mall again today for some face painting and carousel rides. We enjoyed ourselves. Here's the cutest tiger in town!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sprinkler Fun on a Sunday Walk

We went for a walk this evening to kill some time and help Laurel expend some energy. Being June in Louisiana, it was hot, humid, and sticky! So, on our way back home, Laurel and Daddy cooled off a few times thanks to a neighbor's sprinkler!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese

Some friends invited us for a special treat today. We went to Chuck E. Cheese. We had quite an adventure. We have a brand new Chuck E. Cheese here in town, so I was excited to go. Everything is pretty new and the staff is courteous. The downside is that the place gets packed quickly and it's pretty hard to keep track of two toddlers. We did survive, but I don't know when we will go back.

Laurel had a fun time. She learned a new phrase, "More money, Mommy!" This is the first time at a Chuck E. Cheese that Laurel has realized that the tokens make the rides more fun.

Brant was scared of most of the activities. He liked dancing to the music and climbing on some of the steps. He just wandered around most of the time.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Happy Birthday, Laurel!

Laurel celebrated her 3rd birthday today with a super fun Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party! Lots of her friends were there for outside fun, pizza and cake!

We had 2 little pools set up and a sprinkler ring. I didn't take many pictures as Brad, G.G. and I were busy playing hostess. G.G. filmed the whole thing, though...Mom and Dad you should get a video soon!
Laurel had several are Lawson and Ainsly:

Brad and I gave Laurel a musical Mickey Mouse. We have to figure out all the tricks.
We had a great day. Brant slept for almost the whole party due to a cold, but that made things easy for me! Laurel got some wonderful presents from generous friends and I think she had a fun time.

Monday, June 4, 2007

"Mommy and Me" at the Mall

Because Laurel was a good girl at Jazzercise, we went to "Mommy and Me" at the mall. Monday mornings during the summer, the mall puts on fun stuff for kids. They had face painting, free carousel rides, balloon animals, and coupons for lunch. Pretty cool deal. And the lines weren't too bad.
Laurel's flower and her butterfly matched her outfit.

Brant didn't like the horse going up and down on the carousel. Maybe he'll like it more next year...

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Family Birthday Party

Boy oh boy did we have a great time this Saturday! The whole Cupit gang was here for Brad and Laurel's family birthday party. Brad picked the birthday food - fried shrimp po-boys and apple pie for dessert, and Laurel loved the presents!
Papa K enjoyed his present too!
Laurel loves her Playdough from Granny.
G.G. and Papa K gave Laurel her first motorized vehicle! Lookout world!
Experienced grandparents know that Mom's life will be much happier if each kid has their own wheels!
Just to make you smile.
In case you're not smiling yet.
One more for good measure :)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Mom's Night

Friday night a few of us moms got together for a little chit-chat and crafts. Thanks to Cathi for her preparation and to Elina for hosting us. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and we probably could have talked all night!
Kathy maybe had a little too much fun :)