Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sprinkler Park Observation

We've had a blast the last few weeks going to a spray ground with our little group of play friends. Laurel especially loves it. She looks forward to it the moment I tell her we're going. She especially loves knowing that her friends will be there. This leads me to my most recent observation. Brant, as jolly and good natured as he is, just may have an introverted nature. He prefers to wander around the park and climb into the shrubbery, while Laurel has no hesitation going straight for the kids and the social life. Brant doesn't really like getting wet, either. He does love his bath, but not the spray ground. After about an hour of "warming up" to the surroundings, he'll get pretty close to the water, but never shows the delight that Laurel does. Maybe this is just related to his age? We'll see.

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jessica and bart said...

no worries about brant. brennan was just like that at the water park. it wasn't until he was at least two, maybe closer to three that he started to like playing in water or associating with other children. now he goes up to total strangers at parks and play areas and "makes friends". so, no fears for cutie pie brant.