Thursday, May 10, 2007

Speech Evaluation

Laurel had her first speech evaluation today by a professional speech language pathologist. Well, she didn't finish the evaluation today, so we won't get the report just yet. The SLP did determine that Laurel is a little behind in intelligibility. Thanks to our fantastic new insurance, we get at least 20 therapy sessions a year. I am so thankful that Laurel and I can go to these sessions together and learn where she needs help. Laurel likes the therapist so far, and I like her because she explains things to me in detail. Next visit I will bring a notebook to keep track of all her instructions and comments.

Fortunately, it seems like Laurel is not as behind as I was anticipating, and I think most of her problem areas can be coached. So far, Laurel has been highly cooperative. Thank goodness!

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Malinda Karpowitz said...

Jordan was in speech for over a year and made LOTS of improvements. Have you looked into the No Child Left Behind program too? Jordan did Speech and the NCLB program as well. He really made a lot of improvements.