Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Playtime at the Park

I took the new camera to the park today and had some fun. Unfortunately, the camera has a lot of different settings and I intended to keep it on automatic for now. Oops, it was not! The pictures will get better as I learn to work our new toy! We also took some shots at G.G. and Papa K's house last night, but alas, they were accidentally erased. We really aren't technologically challenged! You'll see!Laurel can do almost everything at the park by herself now. Brant is not far behind. I had someone in the grocery store today ask me if they were twins :) They were shocked when I said they are 20 months apart. I guess Brant is really growing up. He has more personality now, a toddler laugh, and his vocabulary is rapidly expanding. It's fun to watch the changes, but every now and then I wish I could hit the slo-mo button.

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Kathy said...

Fun! What park is that? We will miss our play dates and play friends.