Saturday, May 19, 2007

Laurel's New Do




You may not be able to tell, but Laurel DID get her hair cut today. We don't have a lot to work with for two reasons. 1. Laurel's hair is super fine and thin. 2. Laurel's last hair cut had lots of layers and was boy-short. Growing this out has been difficult on a little girl who's hair seems to grow slower than anyone else's. Laurel was very well-behaved and grown-up. Daddy was getting his hair cut in the chair right behind her, so I think she loved the experience. She told me later in the car. "That fun haircut, Mommy."

On our way home, the horses that live right across the street from our neighborhood were standing right up by the fence. Since Laurel was such a good girl, she had a special treat and was allowed to get out of the car and pet a horse! Usually we just drive by them and wave.

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Heather said...

It looks very cute! It is so hard for those little ones to hold still while getting their hair cut.