Monday, December 17, 2007


This past Friday night, it was Maren and Brad's turn for a date while someone else watched the group of kids. Brad did something extra special. The whole week, he told Maren what a great date they were going to have, but wouldn't give her any specific clues. Maren thought maybe she had figured it out when she saw a news segment about ice skating downtown. "That would be a fun date," she thought.

The night came and Brad was in a rush to leave the house. He told Maren she could wear something nice or jeans. He didn't mention anything about gloves or a jacket, so Maren figured ice skating was out of the question. But, when they got in the car, they headed straight downtown, even to the same parking garage that was used for the ice rink. Maren thought, "I am going to be a little disappointed if we're going skating, and I didn't dress appropriately. My hands are going to FREEZE!" They parked and headed to the the theater! Maren searched for a banner advertising the performance, but nothing was visible. Finally, in the will call line, she saw a little girl holding her nutcracker doll. Aha! They grabbed their tickets and bolted to their seats on row J and smack in the middle. Perfect seats!

At some point during the performance, Brad made a confession. "I didn't know they didn't talk during this...I thought it was a play!" Poor Brad! He and Maren still watched the bayou version of the ballet. After Brad commented that the performance seemed to lack much of a plot, Maren explained that the original nutcracker has a more obvious storyline. On the way home, Brad gently mentioned that he didn't think he'd want to do this every year! Maybe the snow king's tights were just a little too tight!

Sunday, December 9, 2007


The time of year is here for church Christmas dinners and nativity plays. The Cupits ventured to their ward dinner last night. The food was delicious thanks to wonderful southern cooks on the activities committee, but Laurel and Brant proved more interested in something else. The picture below was taken just before the family was shooed away for disrupting the Christmas play going on in the gym....OOPS!


It was the Cupit's turn to host the children again this past Friday night, and this time the effort was no sweat. The Hutchinsons couldn't make it due to a last minute change in plans, so Maren and Brad were only responsible for holding down the fort with 4 children. Maren recalls looking at the clock at one point and saying, "Wow, it's already 6:30!" Better preparation this time around was a big help, too! The kids played with playdough for a full 20 minutes! This might not seem long to those without children, but in the world of parenthood, 20 full minutes of four children sitting in one place without commotion is something of note. Charlie Brown's Christmas also had a showing at the Cupit Cinema. The kids preferred to enjoy this flick as background ambiance during their playtime in the living room. The toy of choice for the evening was the wooden rocking horse made by Laurel and Brant's great-grandfather years ago. The kids love it!

Laurel and Ainsly took turns singing happy birthday to each other and blowing out the candle (pretend, of course). Here you can see Laurel either keeping Ainsly from getting too close or protecting her control over the "birthday cake", you decide!

It really was a great night. Next time, the Cupits hope to have their bag of tricks stocked for the whole gang of 6.


Apparently, the Christmas elf must have heard some sighs coming from the Cupit household upon the realization that no one took pictures of the first annual Cupit Cookie Exchange.

As our photo editor was transferring some pictures from the camera to the computer, she discovered a pleasant surprise. Thank you, Christmas Elf!

Monday, December 3, 2007



On behalf of our team here at the Chronicle, I would like to explain the slow down of blog posts.

Our photo editor has been suffering amidst creative challenges. Quite simply, her favorite photo subjects are enjoying a rather mellow life at the moment. In addition, the photo editor forgot to take pictures of a few important events.

Maren hosted her first annual Cookie Exchange on Saturday morning. She successfully remained calm throughout preparation and party time! This is a huge feat! Thanks to plenty of help from Brad, the house looked great and the children had a great time playing at a friend's house. Brad volunteered to watch 4 children all by himself, and reported back to Maren that, "It wasn't too hard!"

Last week, the Cupit crew and friends from playgroup headed to the mall for free Santa photos. After quite a long wait, Laurel sat solo on Santa. Brant didn't cry, but when prompted to sit on Santa's lap, he clung to his mother with a death grip. Santa's jolliness was left in his sleigh in the parking lot, but Laurel is too young to judge a good Santa from a bad one. The photo came out ok, but the Chronicle does not employ a scanner. Anyone wishing to view the free photo will have to take a trip to the Cupit kitchen and check out the refrigerator.

The final explanation for the blog blahs is that I, your humble editor-in-chief, have started working again in accounting. I will spend a little time in the office, but most of the work will be done from home. I am very excited about this new adventure. Anyone needing tax services for individual, partnership, or corporate returns should e-mail me directly for a recommendation to my boss. She owns a small firm here in town, and I love working for her.

Please remain faithful to our blog. We will return at a normal pace shortly. After all, this season should bring plenty of photo worthy goings-on!

Sunday, November 18, 2007



The annual LSU Block and Bridle rodeo took place this weekend with a kid's day on Saturday. Brad passed a banner walking into the office last week. Perhaps there wasn't quite enough publicity or maybe the crowds showed up later. The Cupits perused through the horse stalls, looked at the bulls, and played in the petting pen all by themselves. Sometimes, you just get lucky!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Laurel's preschool class had their "Thanksgiving Feast" today complete with chicken nuggets and snack packs! Laurel's mom enjoyed the freedom of coming with both hands free thanks to the generosity of Cathi. Cathi watched Brant for a little while so Maren could have all attention devoted to Laurel. Laurel had lots of goodies to bring home, including a special Thanksgiving place mat, a thanksgiving craft, a cereal necklace and an Indian shirt.


With Thanksgiving less than one week away, the Cupit family has much to be grateful for. At the top of the list are two angelic children. Angels, too, get into scuffles some times. Laurel brought home her first (and hopefully last) "Behavior/Office Visit Report Form" today for a Wednesday mishap.

Maren heard the beginning of the story on Wednesday, when Laurel got in the car in the carpool line holding a wadded tissue. She immediately, without provocation, confessed, "I poked Watts in the up was an accident...I went to time out." Maren was sad and disappointed, but after brief discussion decided to forget the incident and resolved to speak to Ms. Tracy on Friday at the class Thanksgiving feast.

Today at the feast, Ms. Tracy explained what happened, but the official report tells it best.

Description of Behavior: She slapped another student in the eye. She said she did it because he wasn't cleaning up and it was clean up time.

Action taken by teacher: Sent to time out and then to the office.

Action taken and plan made by Director: I talked to Laurel about not hitting friends in class. I told her the next time someone didn't behave & mind their teacher-she was not to intervene & try to be the teacher. She needs to keep her hands to herself & let Ms. Tracy handle the problems in class.

For the record, Laurel's mother reports that Laurel has never been slapped at home. Ms. Tracy continued the story telling Maren that Laurel came back from the director's office crying and very upset. Apparently, this was a surprise, as Laurel is not one of the "criers" in class. Ms. Tracy also said that when other children get sent to the Director's Office, some of the kids (including Laurel) want to go, too. They must think it's a special treat. Ms. Tracy confided to Maren today that Laurel probably wouldn't be requesting that anymore!

Laurel seems to have learned her lesson. Of course, the family will have further discussion about keeping your hands to yourself and treating your friends nicely. Apparently, this little event was traumatic enough to keep little Laurel out of the office for a long, long, LONG time!

Friday, November 9, 2007


On the eve of November 10th, 2007, the Chronicle wishes to pay special devotion to some dear friends living large on the Florida beaches. Oh, how our staff yearns to be listening to the waves and reminiscing with the party. Instead, we send our love...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


For those Moms out there, here's a fun suggestion for a great night away from the kiddos. Invite a few friends over with their favorite things. Each guest brings five $5 items. Examples include favorite nail polish, lip gloss, gift cards, hand soap, lotion, etc. Then all the guests draw names out of a hat to swap.

It's a fun opportunity to have a night out and spend some time with the girl friends. Plus, you're guaranteed to go home with some cool stuff!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Sunday afternoon is a perfect time to take a little rest on the grass...especially in perfect weather. The Cupit children may look calm here, but don't be fooled. The novelty of taking a rest outside wore off pretty darn quick!


Mom, Laurel and Brant went to the state fair this past week. It was a great way to spend some evening time while Dad was working late, but his presence was most certainly missed. The family spent most of their 60 minute attendance with the farm animals. Laurel and Brant both enjoyed feeding the various animals. The Chronicle's senior photographer filled this photo assignment while concurrently keeping the young subjects within an arm's reach. This is a task fraught with frustration, yet in the end certainly worthy of commendation.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Here's a fine selection of photos from this year's Halloween celebrations in and around the Cupit house. The season was fantastic and ended this morning with the annual trip to Target's Halloween clearance to pick out some more cute decor for years to come. In truth, I suppose the holiday doesn't end until the last of the candy is eaten or ends up in the trash.

The playdate party was a success and involved painting pumpkins, a leaf fight, cake, and pizza. What more could a kid ask for?

The school party was fun as well. Laurel is a star student (so says her mother) and by observation appears to be an active learner in her class. It's quite interesting how quickly children fall into pigeonholes. Within a few minutes of coming into her class, a visitor can spot the quiet, reserved child by the books, the obstinate child on the floor, the destructive child throwing something, the social children, and a few others. Laurel insisted on being a pumpkin for her school party. Many of the Halloween books she read with her mother had at least one child dressed as a pumpkin in their class parade. (above: Mother's Fav Halloween photo)

Trick or treating was fun for the kids once underway. Brant was upset to say the least about putting on his costume. Pictures were extremely difficult. Brad reports that once on their way through the neighborhood, both kids did great.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Nothing beats a great birthday party for a good friend...unless of course, that birthday party is at the bowling alley! Laurel was very excited for her first "rolling-ball" experience! She loved it. Thanks to some fancy bumper gates, she knocked down pins every time. The most challenging part was putting enough speed on the ball to get it down the lane.

Monday, October 29, 2007




Wondercuts did a great job. Brant even took home his first curl in a zip lock bag attached to a special certificate documenting his first hair cut!


Amongst a few other "to dos" on a jam-packed Saturday, the Cupits stopped off at the church picnic at a local wildlife refuge. The weather was perfect and the food even better. Nothing beats southern cooking from those who really know what they're doing.


Friday night, the Cupit gang headed out to a city park for some Halloween fun. Mini golf was one of the booths set up for the youngsters.


For those wondering, it's yogurt.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Brant has mastered the art of telling his mother that he has done his business. Then he requests to go sit on the potty and read a book. The current project is to reverse the order of events. Potty first, then business. He is still quite proud of himself for sitting on the potty.

Monday, October 22, 2007


The Chronicle proudly presents its first edition of "What's Wrong With This Picture?"